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Our Tater Tot

Me and my family recently fell in love with and adopted a tripawd dog named Tater Tot. Tater Tot is a one year old Australian Shepard/Boxer mix and is missing his front right leg. He is very loving and cuddly, he also is able to hold his own against his cousin a one year old black lab mix that is very over the top playful. We also have a 4 year old German Shepard that is still unsure of Tater Tot missing a leg. we have been taking Tater out shopping with us to let him get acclimated to being around new people which he is doing great with. We have bought him a harness to help him up onto the couch, into the car, etc. We have signed him up for a evaluation at a dog rehab center. We are trying to find stairs that are good for a tripawd to get onto low areas and are looking for other suggestions for what we might want to get him or work with him on. This first post was done by my sixteen year old Sarah.

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4 thoughts on “Our Tater Tot”

  1. Welcome to the best club nobody ever wants to join! Your future blog posts will not require moderation.

    Be sure to check out the Tripawds Rehab program which can reimburse you for your consultation with a certified therapist. For help finding all other resources and assistance programs, start here.

  2. Tater you are SO CUTE! I’m so hoppy you found a terrific furmily, and great humans who ask terrific questions in our Forums. Welcome to the club! We look forward to getting to know you.

  3. Tator Tot is adorable!! I love his sweet face and ears that look super soft! Thanks to you and your family for adopting a Tripawd. I’m sure Tator Tot will return your love in so many ways. It’s so fun that you are taking him out and about … hopefully he is meeting a lot of people who admire him. Does Tator Tot seem to know that he is missing a leg?

    1. Hello Amy
      I don’t believe he notices the missing leg. when Tater is horsing around with the other two dogs he definitely can handle himself against them. We actually have to stop the playing because Tater himself can over do it. He also is really fast when running which we try and discourage him from doing a lot of.

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